Therapist for Teenagers in Somerville, NJ

Meet Carina Scaglione, LCSW (she/her/hers):

Hello! I’m a therapist at Olive Branch Therapy Group and a licensed clinical social worker. I received my undergraduate degree in Sociology from Rowan University and my graduate degree in Social Work from Rutgers University. I’ve been in practice in the field since 2018.

My Therapy Specialties:

I specialize in working with teens, young adults, and adults dealing with:

  • anxiety, depression, stress, self-esteem, anger, and relationship issues

I also have a particular interest in working with clients struggling with self-acceptance, relationship conflict, and life transitions.

What drew me to this work:

I believe that everyone has their own unique story with it’s own individual struggles and triumphs. Through my own struggles in my young life, I found a passion for hearing other people’s experiences and empowering others to identify and utilize their strengths in moments of hardship. I truly believe resiliency lies within everyone. I will work with clients as a team to support, encourage, and provide tools needed to reach goals and overcome challenges.

My style:

My style is warm, non-judgmental, playful, validating, and challenging. It is my belief that the best work comes from building a strong therapeutic alliance and working together to uncover goals while simultaneously developing a deeper understanding of oneself. It is always my objective to provide a space where clients feel comfortable and open discussing their thoughts and feelings. I use a variety of different strategies while in session and we will work together to find an individual approach best suited for your journey.

Services I offer:

In-person individual, couple, and family therapy as well as online video counseling for residents of New Jersey.

Carina Scaglione’s Credentials:

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker License #44SC06012400
  • Trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Solution Focused Therapy

Click here to schedule an appointment with Carina.



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